2.5mm Titanium Womens Vest


Three things that are important to scuba divers when they purchase a wetsuit are warmth, comfort and value. The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Wetsuit covers all three.

Constructed from 4-way stretch, Titanium neoprene this suit offers up to 250% more elasticity than a suit made with standard traditional neoprene. What this means for the diver is a wetsuit that conforms to the contour of the body more closely for a better fit. This can be important to how warm you’ll be using the suit, especially if you happen to not be the perfect “off the rack” fit in sizing.

Offered in a all Black and available for men in sizes XSmall through 3XLarge and women in sizes XSmall through 2XLarge, this is one vest that should never be overlooked.

Ocean Quest wetsuits are designed by divers for divers desiring the high quality materials, superior workmanship and comfort.

Part #: 2FLX01-DDS

UPC #: 818424021446

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