6oz Lycra Diving Gloves (Liners)


Made from a heavyweight blend of 4-way stretch lycra these gloves are designed to assist the diver in putting on or taking off their gloves. Whether wet or dry the lining of a snug dive glove will slide easily over the lycra material.

Even though the Ocean Quest 6oz Premium Lycra Diving Gloves were intended for use as a liner for your thicker scuba diving gloves, they can be used on their own as a perfect solution for users with U/V sensitive skin or for a little added protection from sea lice or sea nettles. Just be aware that since they were not designed for use alone they have no protective outer coating and will experience premature wear from abrasion when used without the protection of a neoprene scuba glove.

Part #: BCCA-01-DDS

UPC #: 818424020234

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