6/4mm Titanium Diving Hood - Medium


The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Diving Hood is designed to offer the best possible fit using premium, 4 way-stretch, Titanium neoprene, double glued and blind stitched inside and out for superior warmth and comfort. The Titanium material within the neoprene reflects the heat trapped inside back at the user more efficiently than standard neoprene and doesn’t allow as much warmth to escape, allowing the user’s head to remain warm with less effort.

Premium Super Stretch Neoprene expands or contracts up to 250% more than standard, non-stretch neoprene making these hoods far easier to put on or remove than other hoods, including those using a zipper. The advantage is one less item to break or go bad on your piece of gear! Being that much more flexible also equates directly into more mobility for the divers head to move comfortably from side to side throughout the dive.

Part #: GFA9-01-DDS

UPC #: 818424021842

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