800 Lumen Dive Light


The Ocean Quest 800 L.E.D. Rechargeable Dive Light is a state of the art underwater light using the latest XM-t6-LED from Cree, one of the leaders in LED lighting technology. The high intensity white LEDs will penetrate water better and offer a more true replacement of the colors underwater than Halogen or Xenon bulbs. Due to the superior penetration of light LED lights excel in lower visibility conditions and murky, nutrient-rich waters. The sealed, push-button switch is located in a position to be quickly and conveniently activated and cycled between its variable light settings. The easy to grip body, light head and reflector are all manufactured from aluminum for extreme durability and give the light a 300ft/1000meter depth rating.

The Ocean Quest 1000 L.E.D. Rechargeable Dive Light uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery gives a burn time of up to 120 minutes of use. The battery, charger and a lanyard are all included. This light works perfectly as a primary light for night diving or a back-up light in case of the failure of a preferred primary light. It is small enough to fit into most bcd pockets and taken along for day dives to brighten up between cracks or under ledges.

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