Arctic Clear HD Purge Mask


Ocean Quest masks are another product that was designed by divers for divers. They strive to offer the highest quality products possible using some of the most cutting edge materials available. With this approach Ocean Quest has taken steps to improve the overall experience for divers by introducing the Arctic Clear HD Dive Mask.

Ocean Quest utilizes a new lens called the Arctic Clear HD lens. The glass used in this process is of optical quality and far more pure than standard tempered “float glass” used for decades in the majority of other masks. The optical quality glass in the Ocean Quest Arctic Clear mask offers the best possible clarity and little to no color distortion. This feature actually enhances the available light offering improved vision and visual acuity that is most noticeable in low light conditions!

The skirt on the Arctic Clear HD mask uses the highest grade of surgical silicone available. This creates a skirt that is extremely soft and pliable yet durable. The softness of the material lets the mask seal to a wider range of faces than masks using a lower quality silicone skirt. The Arctic Clear HD mask boasts a low volume design that maximizes your peripheral vision when wearing the mask. The wider field of view means there is less of a chance that anything might be missed throughout the dive. Utilizing easy adjusted swivel buckles and a design that fits just about any face, making it the perfect mask for just about any diver enjoying most types of diving or snorkeling.

Part #: MKAC-P21

UPC #: 818424020494

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