Pacific Adjustable Strap Fins


The Ocean Quest Pacific Adjustable Strap Dive Fins are designed to meet the needs of Scuba Divers enjoying any type of scuba diving. The blade of the fin is designed using a Channel Thrust Technology system which utilizes a combination of hydro-plastic and rubber for optimal water channeling. This allows the diver to have a relatively soft and easy to kick pair of fins during a relaxed or easy dive or simply trying to hold steady in calmer water. The more effort the diver exerts in their kick causes the rubberized portion of the fin to flex allowing the hydro-plastic portion to curve around it forming a water directing channel, effectively stiffening the fin blade and giving the diver increased efficiency. This forces the water down the blade, propelling the diver, rather than allowing the water to be wasted by spilling over the sides.

The Ocean Quest Pacific Adjustable Strap Dive Fins are available in Blue with Black accents in sizes 7 through 13.

Part #: FN-368

UPC #: 818424020937

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